Nov 10, 2010

Gathering Community... now!

Finally, Eclipse Code Recommenders has been proposed officially by the Eclipse Foundation today. We are now in the Gathering Community Phase which precedes the Creation Review. But what exactly is the goal of this phase?

Basically it's a reality check that aims to figure out whether there is a community which is interested in the project. More formally, the Eclipse Development Process says "The proposers, in conjunction with the destination PMC and the community, collaborate in public to enhance, refine, and clarify the proposal". And "when the proposers and the EMO are confident that the proposers have sufficient community support for the proposal, the process can progress to the next step: the Creation Review."

So, here we go :-) The proposal is available here. It presents a set of of five initial (groups of) tools we want to bring to Eclipse:
  1. Intelligent Code Completion Systems
  2. Smart Template Engines 
  3. Usage-Driven and Crowdsourced API Documentation 
  4. Stacktrace Search Engine
  5. API Misuse / Bug Detector
Read more about these tools in the project proposal, and send your comments, questions, support/ "I like" statements etc. to the proposals forum - and don't hesitate to ask tough questions :-)

We'd also appreciate to hear about your ideas and personal visions of how code recommenders may/should improve Eclipse.

And one last favor: Please help spread the word, for instance, via twitter, blogs, facebook or good old email! Thanks!

All the best,