Sep 30, 2012

JavaOne is waiting... for you and Code Recommenders

I just arrived at Hilton Hotel in San Francisco and checked that every thing is ready for tomorrow's presentation of Code Recommenders at JavaOne. I must admit, I'm a bit thrilled.

I'm currently giving the slides a last polishing and preparing the latest demos of the Code Recommenders recent additions: Snipmatch and Precise - a community snippet store and an argument completion engine developed by Doug Whightman from Queens University and Cheng Zhang from Shanghai University and their teams.

I'm also very excited to present the latest developments on crowd-sourcing the code completion directly sourced by your IDE, example code search, and mining for frequent code snippets. I'm pretty sure it will be interesting 60 minutes here at Hilton San Francisco, Continental Ballroom 5 tomorrow Monday, Oct 1, 11:30 AM (IDE 2.0: How Much Can the IDE Predict You Will Write in the Next Few Seconds?)

Looking forward to see you there!

The (IDE) future is crowd-sourced. I bet!