Oct 31, 2011

It's even not your father's IDE...

As Sven outlined in his last post, much has changed since Java's inception somewhere in the mid 90s and it's worth looking on how things are going to change in the future.  I'm looking forward to this session - even more after Sven's announcement (Java Puzzlers). I'm now pretty curios how this session will look like. I guess, it will be fun!

Regarding the general topic: programming languages have been subject to change in the past years, each claiming to improve developer productivity.  But as advances in programming language improve developer productivity, so do advances in todays IDEs. And there are massive changes coming to your favorite IDE!

In my session at EclipseCon on Friday morning, I'll demonstrate how leveraging your knowledge about how to use an API helps others to quickly learn how to use these APIs correctly - or the other way round: how other's knowledge help you to get productive in minutes.

You should attend this session if:

  • you have to learn about new/unfamiliar APIs often.
  • your team frequently gets new team members that have to learn how to use your (internal) APIs.
  • you have customers that have to use your APIs and you wanna support them in a novel, pioneering way.
  • you wanna know how leveraging source code works to improve code completion, API documentation, code search, and many more tools.
  • you wanna see Code Recommenders in Action!

In 50 minutes, I'll take you through Code Recommenders tool suite by demoing its intelligent code completion, chain completion, subwords completion,  crowd-sourced template completionextended javadoc platform, and code search, and explain which information is leveraged to make these tools work. At the end of the session, I'll demonstrate how you can use all these tools for your own development teams or customers to improve their productivity by adding support for Google Android to Code Recommenders - live.

This session will be packed with latest features and tools which you haven't seen in any other IDE before - nor your father :) Looking forward to see you on Friday, 10:30 in the Theater: "Code Recommenders: Code Completion on Steroids!"

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